Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to most European countries, USA, Canada , Australia and New Zealand.

How long is Free Shipping?

Free shipping takes around 15 - 25 business days to arrive.

Do you need a case for the Mag Bank?

No, you don't need a case. With Apple's magsafe technology Vossiboped's Mag Bank connects to the back of the phone. If you are using a case, we do suggest you use a magsafe case.

Does the vossibase station come with an Apple watch charger?

No. Our Vossibase station does not come with an apple watch charger.

Can I use the Apple Watch series 7 fast charger with the Vossibase Station? 

Yes you can! We provide a USB-C to USB A adapter in the box.

Do you need a magsafe iPhone to use the Vossibase Station?

No. We provide a magnetic ring inside the box that enables you to leverage magsafe capabilities even if you dont have a magsafe phone. Just make sure your iPhone supports QI charging. 

How much power does the magnetic power bank have?

The mag bank has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and 5W wireless charging.